HTML5 and CSS3

29 08 2011

My assignment for this week was to write something about HTML5 and CSS3.  However, until I started to research  on Monday night (this is due on Tuesday morning) I had no idea what those even were.  So, for anybody who is like me, here is the run-down.  HTML5 and CSS3 are both new structural languages for the internet.  For all of us who have trouble running anything with Adobe Flash because of the stupid plug-ins, fear not, the plug-in is no longer necessary, a BIG thank you to outgoing Apple CEO Steve Jobs for that one.  Another one of the main points of the new languages is that they are replacing new ones and people are getting upset because they have to update everything.  For all of you, get over it.  If you don’t update, someone else will and you will lose traffic, just saying.  This is because HTML5 and CSS3 can do things that there predecessors can’t.  For instance, I’m going to go back to the stupid plug-ins, no more need for Flash and it loads faster and we don’t have to deal with the bar at the top of the screen that tells us to update our plug-ins or update something else and then have to restart our machines because the internet is being inept at what we want it to do.  We want it to give us information now.  Nobody wants to have to wait for a computer to restart to watch a funny video or talk to a friend.  It’s not human nature.  We used to have a seven minute attention span (funny fact: that was time in between commercial breaks) now we have a seven second attention span (funny fact: that is not the time in between commercial breaks, if you watch commercials and know what they are).  I see a very limited amount of problems from upgrading something that is used everyday all day all over the world.  For those of you who do, it happens.  For those who think that it’s not fair, I have a newsflash for you: life isn’t fair.  If you don’t believe me, ask William Goldman, author of The Princess Bride (best book ever).

From my extensive research in the past hour or so, I have come to realize that the problems that could occur from the change is no worse than what we have now.  The last time that HTML was updated was 11 years ago.  I was 7 and ignorant to the ways of the world.  Now, I am 18 and know fully well that if something has not been updated in that long, there has to be some problems with it, especially in this age of technology.  However, some believe that if these programs are not treated like they are new, we’ll be wasting them.  However, those same people could argue that while being entirely new, nothing has really changed.  Anybody who thinks otherwise, these are not my ideas, don’t shoot the messenger.

Now, don’t go getting all excited.  Both CSS3 and HTML5 are still in development according to my readings.  However, hopefully they will be up soon.  After all, HTML5 has been in development since 2004.

Where most of my reading came from:




One response

31 08 2011


Very nice work and points. Excellent on the breakdown and glad to see you gave the project a good hard look when you were not familiar with these things. Again, Excellent work!

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